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Windows 7 Update

Things I REALLY like about Windows 7 (and in some cases, Windows in general):
1. Integrated Task/Menu bar - Unlike Mac which has a menu bar at the top of the screen and a dock at the bottom, Windows combines them really well into one cohesive bar.
2. Window based menus - Instead of having the menu bar at the top of the screen change based on the application running, the menu bar for each application is contained within the application window itself.
3. Windows Button/Tab browsing - Cool separation of windows when trying to find the window you want to be working in - Apple does do this a little more efficiently with Exposé, but I still like it in Windows.
4. Microsoft Office on the PC - Right now, Office for the Mac just isn't as pretty, isn't as cool and feels clunky after playing with Office on Windows. This maybe remedied when Office 2010 for the Mac arrives later this year.
5. Price - While you often times "Get what you pay for" in the computer world, you can still find a computer of comparable Apple quality for less than you would pay for an Apple; not always MUCH less, but still less.

The Things That Apple Has Nailed
1. Included software - Most of the crap that ships with your new Windows computer is crap and that's generally because the hardware manufacturer is shoving third party software down your technological throat. Apple provides home-grown software that provides the everyday consumer great options for photo sorting, website creation, music making, movie making and DVD authoring. Microsoft itself doesn't package much with it's operating system, leaving you having to spend more money to get the same functionality you would have with a Mac out of the box. Yes, there are free options out there for some of these items, but the quality is decidedly worse than something you'd pay for. Yes, the GIMP is impressive, but next to Photoshop it's just a pile of monkey poo.
2. Page Layout - As wonderful as MS Word is at Word Processing, it makes a crappy Page Layout program, which is what makes iWork such a wonderful piece of software. For the consumer who just wants to put up some signs, create a newsletter or put together a homemade invitation, Pages is truly amazing.
3. Security - Yes, Macs are more secure. People will point out that Macs tend to lose security challenges more frequently, but they also tend to have the Macs logged in as an Administrator as opposed to a standard user. Being logged in as an admin to any system puts you at a higher risk for backdoor system takeover. Also, there's the virus side of things. There is one piece of malicious software out there that might be considered a virus, but that is still up for debate. While the claim that there aren't people out there writing viruses for the Mac and that's why there are no viruses for the Mac holds a little weight, the sheer lack of viruses makes it quite clear that attempting to write that sort of software for a BSD Kernel isn't an easy task. HOWEVER, this is not to say that the Mac is immune to KEY LOGGERS and TROJANS. These pieces of malicious software are currently available for all systems, including Linux. The only 100% safe system is one that has NO network connections and NEVER will.
4. Spaces - The ability to have multiple Desktops that you can switch between is fantastic. I currently have 9 different desktops setup with each one home to only certain applications. No longer is my screen cluttered with a billion open windows and running applications. A quick keyboard shortcut will get me to the next Desktop or whatever particular desktop I want. You can find something quite similar to this in Ubunut.
5. The Terminal - Yes, Windows has a command prompt, but it is nothing like the Terminal in Mac OS. True power users who want to delve into the real guts of the OS swoon over a UNIX terminal like this. This one of the many reasons why Apple has become one of, if not the, prevalent system in the MIT School of Computer Sciences and Electrical Engineering.
6. Size - A base install of Mac OS X 10.6 is just over 6gigs while the base install of Windows 7 comes it at 17gigs! The sheer size of Windows 7 is staggering.
7. Server - Apple has nailed the server market and Microsoft wants to try and keep up, they will have to totally revamp their server software. With 10.6 Server, Apple has become 100% UNIX compliant, and considering it sits on top of a UNIX Kernel, you can configure all the services through the terminal and never even touch the GUI, if you really want to.
8. Networking - While Windows 7 does bring some improvements to networking, they still make it unnecessarily difficult for the average user. Mac has turned something that was once a giant ball of confusion into something simple and easy to understand and configure.

As a total Apple Fanboy, with the release of Windows 7, I honestly wouldn't be adverse to having a Windows 7 dedicated machine in my house. I am vastly impressed with the operating system and enjoy using it - sometimes, though I am loath to admit it, more than using Mac OS.
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