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Windows 7 Again

As much as I might point out the flaws of Windows 7, please know that I really like.

Really. Really. Like. It.

To the point where I might consider making it my primary OS and use the Mac side of things to handle my photography stuff (Mac still has better photo software than the PC - and yes, I know Photoshop is on both platforms, but if you're not doing image manipulation and just need basic "Darkroom Type" tools, then Apple wins).

I prefer Office on Windows, though if Office 2011 for the Mac is anything like 2010 for Windows then that could end up being a tie.

My biggest problems with the OS revolve around the size (close to 20gigs for the 64bit version, while Apple's 64bit OS is only 6gigs) and the lack of built in support for some things (CalDAV is the one I've mentioned before). The number of hoops I had to jump through to get all my Google calendars on my computer was just a pain in the ass and not something that the average user could do. Outlook won't sync to Google without a certain additional program and then it will ONLY sync your main calendar. I had to download Thunderbird, add Lightening and add an additional plugin on top of that to deal with Google Calendar syncing. The Mac has all that built in and ready to go.

But those are really my only two Big Complaints. I have complaints about Apple as well, just in different areas.

Anyway, there's my thoughts.

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