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The Passing of a Great Man

Last night around 1am and was informed that my grandfather had passed.

He was a gunner on bombers during WWII, was shot down and parachuted into France where he was arrested by the Nazis and put into a POW camp until the end of the war when he the camp was liberated by the Russians.

I remember him as being kind, yet firm. I can remember spending time with he and grandma, going to the zoo and climbing monkey mountain, going for picknicks and catching scorpions with him, even though he knew they were very poisonous.

I liked fishing with him because he tended to be no-nonsense about it, just as he tended to be fairly no non-sense about about everything in life.

Today we got up and went to breakfast at IHOP in his memory. While I couldn't order the Corn Cakes, his favorite, I did have pancakes. I spent some time talking about his time in the war to Damion and Amanda and remembering him fondly.

I'll be leaving to fly back to Colorado this week for services. Before going out a few weeks ago I hadn't been back there since my grandmother's funeral in 2004, and now it will be twice within three weeks.

It's a sad day today and I wish that I could be going back to visit with him one more time. I had wished that I could see him and talk to him for a little while, but that last visit was still good and it will stay with me.
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