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The series of episodes in Season 5 where Joyce dies and the aftermath-The Body and Forever-are amazingly well done. The first time I saw The Body I immediately rewound it (had to record it on a VCR due to work schedule) and watched it again. I watched it three more times in as many days because of how vastly impressed I was with the episode. To be honest, there are few episodes of any TV show I have seen that were that good, and one of those was also a Buffy episode: Hush from Season 4.

The problem is, I don't know if The Body is really as good as I think it is. It effects me in a very profound way because I've lost somebody like that. One day there, the next gone and there's not real explanation for it. While the rest of my family understood that death was the most likely outcome, they kept me, the baby of the family, carefully insulated from the threat, so when it did happen it came out of the blue for me while everybody else had been able to prepare in some way or another.

Anyway, random thoughts as I go through the entire Buffy series from start to finish yet again.

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