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Apple and the Coming Fall

I love Apple.

They make some of the best hardware on the market and their OS is far superior to anything else out there (sorry Windows fans, but it's true - stop fighting it and accept it).

That's Apple as they are right now.

I still don't know what the plans are for Lion - just rumors at the moment - but some of the possibilities don't make me happy.

If what's happening to iOS is any indication, things in the Mac App store will be seeing some changes as well, and these are changes for the good of the consumer or their own developers.

Apple has now officially given a deadline of June 30 for App Developers to change their subscription and In-App purchase protocols to meet with Apple's new terms. Basically, any app that offers the ability to purchase outside the App store must allow for in app purchases with Apple's mandatory 30% cut. This makes making money for companies like Amazon and Barnes & Nobles impossible as the eBook market doesn't bring in a ton of revenue and the markups are minimal.

While it's true that the goal of any company is to make money, there comes a point where a line is crossed and the money comes at the cost of customer loyalty.

Making it difficult for companies to make money on your platform will drive them away - this maybe exactly what Apple is hoping to do. Need to read a book? iBook store. Need to watch a movie? iTunes. Need to listen to music? iTunes.

They know these other companies will likely be driven out of their "territory" with these new rules, giving customers just one option: Apple services.

What was one of the big reasons I liked the iPad so much at the beginning? Variety. I could get gift certificates from Barns & Nobles, Amazon and Borders and purchase books from all these vendors and be able to read them all on one device. Taking that away takes away a huge amount of respect I once had for Apple and has basically tipped the scales so that the next hardware update I perform will likely be to a Windows machine.

The above, coupled with the fact that Apple has decided what I find morally objectionable for me, has put me over the edge. If they are editing the content of graphic novels for non-sexual nudity, what will they do to books like The Scarlet Letter, Dracula, House of Sand and Fog or any book that has sexual content? Will those start be censored as well?

This is not something I can be a part of any longer.

Maybe they'll turn themselves around and get back on the right track, but right now they are beginning to look like mid to late 90s Microsoft and Microsoft is beginning to look more and more like Apple used to.

Now if only Android could iron out their Market Place and make it more secure and less shitty as well as update the OS so that it doesn't suck rotten goose eggs (setting up an email account is such a complex task I'm surprised more people don't toss the fucking things in the river).

I have some hope that Apple will reverse these decisions, but not much at this point - and I think these decisions will ultimately bite them in the ass and send them on a downward spiral.

So, any good suggestions for Apple quality hardware by other manufacturers?

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